Circus of the Gassaui sisters

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From 7:00pm to 8:00pm is the first function, the artists prepare everything for the arrival of the spectators, curious people filled the seats while Juan the Llama walk in the tent where food is bought before the show. I walk down the hall to the main tent and I feel that I enter through a portal, the circus tent transports us to the world where fantasy promises to rescue us from everyday reality, the artists display their talent by shaping the imaginary of those present to thank them for their presence. This series of photos is part of the 24 hours Santa Cruz project where the premise was to photograph the everyday for one hour of the day, it was from seven to eight at night that I learned about the life of the circus during its first hour of performance. The Gassaui sisters circus is the result of a life of intense moments, dreams of glory and great stories. That was clear to me the moment I sat in a trailer and listened to Yesmin Santos Gasaui Miquel passionately relate his love for a profession.

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