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Alvaro José Gumucio Li (Cochabamba – 1985): Bolivian photographer graduated from the career of Advertising and Marketing at the Universidad Privada Franz Tamayo, in his beginnings he was an editorial photographer at Los Tiempos newspaper in the city of Cochabamba (2010 – 2014). His personal work appears in the book Fotografía Boliviana. Among his exhibitions he has “Temporary Bifurcations” (2013) at the Simón I. Patiño Center in the city of Santa Cruz. Patiño in the city of Santa Cruz, “Emergentes” (2015) at the National Museum of Art in the city of La Paz, “What is a Selfie?” at the biennial of contemporary art contexts (2018) and “A place in this world” at the CAF in the city of La Paz (2019). She is part of the traveling exhibition “Living Well” (2015) , exhibition and artistic research project coordinated by the Goethe-Institut, the National Museum of Art. He participated in the exhibition “Poner la mirada sobre algo” (2020) at the Plurinational Cultural Center in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Exhibited his series “Here” at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (2020). Participates in the book 24hr Santa Cruz. Work for the French Press Agency (2018-2022).

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