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Photography as an independent instrument of fascination, auxiliar, raised by arts centuries old, victim of an eternal struggle between the magical and the rational, is still in its historical zenith, leading the digital culture, intangible, unreal. It’s so familiar to us that it’s difficult to realize it as an entity that is responsible for the revolution of all that is perceived as what it is, the knowledge where all the social constructs are summoned as mythological fantasies.

Nowadays, when modifying the projections of the world, the image of ourselves and – above all – the relationship between the living with the image in itself has changed completely in an irreversible way. Our relationship of the visible experience with the beauty and with the truth. It’s because of this that this work is a self portrait that explores and wishes to share feelings, more than experiences or descriptions.

I consider myself an errant traveler among histories of others, histories made mine. Dominated by the mystic of death as a resource for everything, it was God (considering He really exists) the One tho put the man in the center of the universe, not as a physical entity, but as an individual driver in the horizon of perceptions of every human being. It’s all in these photographies where I share these perceptions.

I wish to share the process of existence catarsis thanks to the photographic resource, wandering around identity in front of consumption in the assumption of reason.

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