False fictions

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After more than a decade traveling in different facets of the photographic act I see it necessary to make a
I pause to review those photographs that led me to look at visual codes with which I evolved.

Nowadays the influence of the images is overwhelming, they control us, the ubiquity, liquidity and
Polysemy of them generate various signifiers that are confused in their meanings. The interpretation of the photographic image depends on this universe of signifiers with which we indoctrinate in the
During our life, it is undeniable that the content of these images changes dramatically due to the
evolution in which the way we communicate is modified.
Make up and beautify our reality to make metaphors to describe it. It is the tedium of the everyday and rational that leads us along the path of the imaginary. I seek through photography to understand the sense of reality, but I only get lost in metaphors.
In this gallery I present false fictions built with visual fantasies lost in the ambiguity of the image

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