Reminiscences of pandemic

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The reminiscences of the pandemic echoed through the empty streets of the city, reminding us of the presence of the invisible enemy that lurked in the darkness. The lonely streets and deserted buildings looked like something out of a horror story, as if the city itself had been abandoned to its fate. The absence of sounds and movement created an apocalyptic environment, in which only the virus seemed to have a life of its own. The reminiscences of fear and uncertainty spread like a plague, and no one knew when the end would be.

The series that I present were taken in the heart of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, in the midst of the pandemic that devastated the world in 2020. At a time when quarantine had become the new normal, the streets that were previously full of life and human activity were desolate and empty. Like an echo of the emptiness that took over the city, these images seek to convey the sadness and death that lurked around every corner. The buildings and avenues became a post-apocalyptic landscape, and the few passers-by who ventured out became solitary figures in the midst of desolation. Through these images, I want to capture the emotional and psychological impact that the pandemic had on the city, and how uncertainty and fear took over every corner.

  • Date: 2020
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